3 Things you can do on Zoom to collaborate with others

3 Things you can do on Zoom to collaborate with others

3 Things you can do on Zoom to collaborate with others

Collaborate – work jointly on an activity or project

These are strange times. Who would have thought six months ago that we’d all be in ‘lockdown’, forced to work from home adapting to new technologies such as Zoom? Not me, I’m not one of the younger generation, so learning to use this technology to speak to people when I’m used to talking face to face is proving very strange. However, surprisingly enough it’s opened up a whole new world to many people, myself included. The word ‘collaborate’ fits nicely with exactly how ‘zooming’ works when using it to communicate with business associates and colleagues. Below are 3 very useful things I’ve found out you can do on Zoom, two of them we have used when running our In Business online (business) support community.

3 Things you can do on Zoom
  1. Share your screen

    Zoom allows you to share your screen with the group. This means you can share things like powerpoint presentations and also video clips with native audio. We’ve done this at our meeting several times now and it works really well. Our guest educator has been able to speak and present, exactly the same as they would if they’d been standing in front of the group.

  2. Co-Annotate

    This is another great tool that allows you and your fellow participants to co-annotate the shared feed, where you can give control over your screen to any participant. With annotation, you can use arrows, lines, pen, highlighter, eraser, and more. A really useful feature here is that the host can also lock annotations to prevent any inappropriate drawings etc. someone might try to make on your presentation. We’ve yet to use this feature but I’m sure at some point we will.

  3. Breakout Rooms

    I think this is probably our favourite feature!  Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting into several rooms. You get the opportunity to split groups off from the main Zoom meeting. This allows the participants to meet in smaller groups to collaborate and discuss aspects related to the main meeting. As the host you can either manually allocate the participants of each group or you can let Zoom do it automatically for you.

(For more great ideas on what you can do with Zoom to help with your collaborations see the link below.)

So Covid-19 may have temporarily put a halt to our regular standard meetings, but with the aid of new technology, we are able to provide our members and guests with the valuable support (both business and personal) that everyone is needing right now. If you’d like to join our virtual business community, learn something new, collaborate with others and help grow your business why not join us by clicking the link below. Looking forward to seeing you and keep safe.