How networking can increase productivity

How networking can increase productivity

How networking can increase productivity

How networking can increase productivity


Networking has plenty of benefits but how can networking increase productivity Especially if you’re a freelancer or a start-up company?


One of the big advantages is that it can increase your productivity at work. But how exactly does networking help to do that? Let’s take a look.

Develop shared goals with your group.

If you join a group with professionals either in the same field as you or with the same core values, you’ll inevitably be working towards the same goals.


This is great in terms of keeping you motivated, especially if you’re on your own or in a small business. It can be difficult to keep yourself motivated without burning out at the same time.


Having people around you to provide that support can do wonders for your productivity. Not to mention, you can do the same for them. This will only strengthen your relationships even more.

Professional accountability.

When you’re part of a networking group, you can offer professional accountability for one another.


This can really help you to stay focused. Not just with motivation, but for other aspects of your working life as well. Are you sticking to your business values? Are you being consistent with your brand identity? Or even, are you putting work too much before your social or personal life?


It’s helpful to choose people who have a bit more experience in the field than you do. Ask them to hold you accountable for reaching a goal at work or taking a professional step within a given time frame.


When you’re with like-minded people in a professional capacity, it can be a great way to keep each other in check, so that you can do the best for your business.


Not to mention, everyone loves having supporters cheering them on on the sidelines.


Bounce ideas off of each other.

When you’re networking with people, it’s a lot of fun to get creative with each other. Whether that be about branding strategies or social media posts, or anything you can think of to do with your business.


When you’ve got experienced professionals chipping in and comparing ideas, that’s where you’re likely to find the golden gems. You’ll also find new opportunities to collaborate with one another.


You’ll get invaluable advice from people you can trust too. For example, you could be a conveyancer looking to build a new website for your business, but don’t know anything about website development. You might have a website developer in your group who could advise you on how to optimise your site to get the best results.


That beats guessing for yourself, or outsourcing to someone you don’t know.

Interested in joining a networking group?

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