Video and how it can help your SEO

Video and how it can help your SEO

Video and how it can help your SEO

I recently went to a very interesting presentation about Video and how it can help your SEO. Video is a great tool to use in your business; it got me thinking how video has changed dramatically since the early days of VHS recorders.
Those of us old enough to remember will recall the excitement of a family member bringing home the video cassette from the local video rental shop and all sitting down to watch it from end to end. If you missed a bit, you had to try to locate it by fast forwarding or rewinding to the appropriate part; not easy, if I remember correctly!
Nowadays, of course, video is much easier and much more readily available. Video is everywhere; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms.

But how can that help your business?

Video is a very effective form of communication and can say such a lot in a short space of time. If you feature in it yourself, potential customers can see you, hear you and make a decision on whether or not to trust you and do business with you based on a 2 minute clip.
So think carefully about what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Video is very powerful and should be an important part of your communication. When used in conjunction with other marketing tools, video will enhance your overall marketing strategy.
Fact: – Our brains process visual information 60 times faster than text alone.

So how does video help with SEO?

YouTube can be used as a search engine for information and as such, by having a short video on it, it can then be shared and searched for like your website can on Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google.
Google analytics are helped by the viewing of video on your website. The main aim is to build links and generate social shares, so your content needs to be something that people will want to watch and share. You will obviously be getting more coverage if your video is being shared and actively searched for.

Get found on Google

Google cares more about your page’s content than whether you’ve optimised each individual page on your site. If the page answers the question asked by the searcher, then that will get a better ranking. You need great content that your audience can engage with to improve your Google ranking.
Short videos can feature things like testimonials, products or service explanations, seminars or events, meet the team, training, hints and tips or news. All of these, if done well, will be useful additions to your marketing strategy.
It can easily be done on your smart phone or you can go for a more professional approach, using a company like Thunder and Lightning films, have a chat with Paul Morricone. After all, this is promoting your business so a great representation would be having a video on your homepage that acts as your shop window. Either way will increase your SEO and boost your business in varying degrees.
Try it out; you never know, you might go viral!