Why Networking is a Key Part of Your Business Strategy

Why Networking is a Key Part of Your Business Strategy

Why Networking is a Key Part of Your Business Strategy

So why is Networking such a Key Part of your Business Strategy?

Networking has always been very popular with business owners and entrepreneurs alike. For decades business men and women have met in groups to discuss business. It was even happened as far back as Roman times, so it’s nothing new. But what is it all about? If you have never been to an In Business networking event before, or any networking session for that matter, you may be wondering why networking should be considered a key part of your business strategy? Well, let me explain as I share with you our top three reasons why networking should be your top priority.

And who knows; maybe we will see you at IN BUSINESS very soon…


To Connect

The number one reason why people network is to find people who could one day become a customer or client. But other reasons include meeting new suppliers and collaboration partners. No-one enjoys being ‘sold to’ so it’s important NOT to try to sell at a networking event. Take your time, nurture relationships and follow up with patience. Building solid relationships will pay dividends in the long run. These people will be your advocates and with time, they will sell your products or service for you.

To Learn

Being in business can be very lonely at times. Especially if you are a sole trader, or the owner of a small business. Networking allows you to stay up-to date with the latest industry news and stay on top of all the things you need to know. At all of our meetings, whether online or F2F we have a short business development slot to help you learn the skills you need to run a better business. There’s also the chance to learn from each other by sharing experiences.


To Grow

At In Business, there is a wide variety of people from different business sectors and backgrounds with various skills, often happy to share their knowledge, experience and give general advice. because they have been there. This knowledge and these connections can prove invaluable if you are looking to grow and develop your business. We have seen many relationships develop that have lead to greater things, which wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for In Business.

I hope you now understand why networking is a key part of your business strategy and not just a necessary evil that you have to endure.

It’s not what you know, but who you know, as they say. If you’re curiosity about networking has ‘got the better of you’ why not give In Business a try? Check out the MEETINGS PAGE of the website.